Friday, February 18, 2011

Utah's HJR35 Update - One Step Closer!

Monday was a big day for HJR35! Things turned out well after presenting the bill in committee. Thanks to those on the House Health and Human Services Committee who voted unanimously to pass HJR35 out favorably! It also was unanimously recommended to go on the Consent Calendar. That moved it more quickly to the House Floor, where it was heard today and passed (with the only dissenting vote from Rep. John Dougall and 8 absent).

Now to see how quickly it goes from here. Not sure if it will be assigned to a Senate Committee or if it will go to the Senate floor next. Sen. Howard Stephenson has agreed to sponsor it once it gets to the Senate.

For those following from Utah, if you haven't already asked your Senator to support the bill, please kindly do so ASAP!

You can find your Senator using this tool:

To all who have taken time to contact legislators, thank you! This is exciting progress in helping bring more awareness about a very difficult condition. I appreciate that Sean and Michelle Agnew took time to bring little Maggie to the committee meeting to help the Committee see first-hand how devastating Mitochondrial Disease can be. For Maggie, and all other families in Utah, this resolution will help others learn more about Mitochondrial Disease, and encourage support as they deal with the decline that comes with this disease. Mito is a progressive disease, meaning that the severity of symptoms and the effects progress over time. Maggie is struggling, and if you have a moment to offer a quick prayer, it can't hurt.

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